Massage Therapy

60 MINUTES $100

Massage Therapy sessions are available but must be scheduled. The cost for a 1-hour massage with Tamara is $100.



60 MINUTES $100

Yoga in the event hall with either Lisa or Tamara is available and needs to be scheduled. Regardless of the number of participants, a 1-hour Yoga session is $100.

Shooting Range


Shooting at our private 250-yard rifle range. The cost per person is $10, rounds and targets are not provided.


Matanza style pig roast

FEEDS 40-50 $600

A Matanza style pig roast, which can feed up to 40 people, is available. We need a one-week advance notice for this. A pig roast will cost $600. This does not include side dishes.


Personal Chef


Personal chef service is available. The cost for meals is variable depending up what you’d like for a menu.



For reservations or information:

We have some amazing services that may be available depending on availability and schedules. It’s best to coordinate these things before you arrive, but last minute requests will try to be filled.