A special energy providing a meaningful experience


Leaping Deer Ranch was built in 2008 by Marianne R Williamson.  Marianne is a nationally known and award-winning fiber artist.  She built the original four buildings with the original intent to raise alpacas and teach people how to make fabric art with wool from the alpacas.  The plan fell victim to the great recession.

In 2015, Colin Masterson, Marianne's son, took over the ranch.  He spent the next two years making some improvements and preparing the property to be an agritourism destination where guests can experience a permaculture environment.  The permaculture concept is a collective of people that live and work together in harmony with our environment in a sustainable manner where we can share the beauty and bounty of the land on which we live.

We had our first yoga retreat at the ranch in August of 2016.  There is a 1600 square foot event hall at the ranch, originally designed to be where people could spin wool into yarn, that is ideal for group yoga sessions and special event receptions.

We love the yoga retreats as the land upon which the ranch lives seems to have a special energy which provides a meaningful experience during a retreat.

We began taking guests at the ranch in March of 2017 through Airbnb.  Airbnb and other short-term rental internet sites are very much in-line with our concept because this is a portion of the 'sharing economy'.

In December of 2017, we host our first wedding.  Although we never intended the ranch to be a wedding event location, demand for this is really growing. We are very surprised about how many people want to have their wedding ceremony here at Leaping Deer Ranch.

On June 30th, 2018, we built the largest labyrinth in the State of New Mexico.  It is glorious.

We have a few more plans for some exciting features and events in the next couple of years.