Terms & Policies



There will only be one group reservation at the ranch at any one time. When someone makes a reservation they are the only people on the property and we do not allow any visitors unless they have been invited by the reservation holder. A reservation at Leaping Deer Ranch entitles our guests to access to the entire ranch exclusively.

We handle our lodging reservations through one of the following websites: Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, or Bookings.com. The calendars for those sites are all synced together and reflect the same availability, at least they are supposed to.

A reservation for our event hall is done separately from the lodging reservation. This we do by email and the billing for the event hall is done with a different invoice.


It is seldom that we have cancellations. If you have something come up and can’t arrive for your reservation then go to your respective booking service and request a cancellation. You should get your payment back, less any fees that the booking service charges. The booking service charges are beyond our control.


When you arrive at Leaping Deer Ranch we will meet you and give you a short tour. There are a few details that we need to go over, some safety things to discuss, and we’ll show you where everything is and how to use it.


The south building is where the people that run and maintain the ranch live and where our workshop is. Don’t go in the south building or the barn. Don’t go into the chicken coop by yourself, it is pain to get the chickens back if they wander off.

The horses do not like dogs. Do not bring your dog to go visit the horses.

The event hall has a driveway that is marked for deliveries, please only drive up to the event hall to unload equipment and decorations using this driveway. If you use another way you are likely to get your vehicle stuck.

Be sure to open the flue on the fireplace when you have a fire.

Do not start your own bonfire. Our insurance company requires that we are present for all bonfires. Our local fire department requires us to adhere to weather advisories and this sometimes prevents us from being able to offer bonfires.

Our shooting range is available to guest by appointment only. The insurance company requires that we provide a range safety. The guests must provide their own hearing and vision protection.


We are in a rural natural environment. There is some wildlife that can be a concern (bees, wasps, bobcats, horses, and Fluffy our dog who is uncomfortable with small children but we try to keep her with us). The ridge behind the house is available to climb on but there are a lot of loose rocks. We have a lot of cactus growing on the ridge so wear good shoes to climb. The gardens are surrounded by an electric fence that you should avoid touching. The fence is there to keep the horses and deer out of the vegetable garden. Children should not be allowed to remain unattended in the hot tub and shouldn’t stay in it for more than 10-15 minutes as small children can get feverish.

The nearest medical facility is in the town of Las Vegas, ten miles south of us. It is called Alta Vista Hospital.